Hey y’all, welcome to A Needle & A Stitch. My name is Abigail Robertson and I created A Needle & A Stitch. Originally I am from Dallas, Texas, but moved about nine years ago to Atlanta, Georgia. I am twenty years old and I love pretty much anything that lets me be artsy. I started sewing when I was about thirteen, but I didn’t really get into it seriously until I was nineteen and in college for studio arts and fashion design. I fell in love with sewing and the sewing community. Though I decided school wasn’t for me, I continued to sew and learn everything I could about it. I eventually discovered that I was dreaming of becoming a small business owner, more specifically selling fabrics and designing patterns. That’s eventually where I am going to take A Needle & A Stitch, but at the moment I am saving money and will be selling original designs to help me reach my goals. I have a mission that I’ve assigned to myself to educate more people on how cool sewing can be, even if you don’t want to be a fashion designer or make sewing a part of your job. Thank you for stopping by!