Who is this Stitch?

Hey y’all! Welcome to A Needle & A Stitch. My name is Abigail Robertson and I am so excited to be launching my website and blog! In this post I want introduce myself and tell y’all a little bit about why sewing is such a huge part of my life. I’m twenty years old and I am currently working to startup A Needle & A Stitch as a brand. I was enrolled in college for about a semester and a half but realized it wasn’t for me. I was majoring in studio arts and had fashion design as a minor. I’m getting ahead of myself though, lets get to the beginning of my sewing story.

Ever since before I can remember I have been doing artsy things. I’d draw, play dress-up, and style my Barbies. I have a really early memory of playing that I was the designer and owner of a custom bridal shop. I played so many of the online paper doll games. I loved doing anything creative. One day when I was probably around nine or ten, a family friend showed me Project Runway and I was blown away. I’ve been watching the show ever since. I didn’t realize that “regular” people could create their own clothing until I was around twelve. I had rediscovered the awe I was filled with the first time I watched Project Runway and wanted to have a stab at it myself. On Black Friday that year my parents purchased me a Brother Project Runway sewing machine. I took a class at my local Joann, but my mom didn’t/doesn’t sew, so I sort of hit a wall when for some wild reason the clothes I was making without using a pattern didn’t work out.

A couple of years went by and sewing sort of had fallen to the wayside. Every now and then if my Nana or my aunt came up to visit they would help me out with a project, but other than that I focused on art. I started to learn more about art because I figured if I could figure out how to draw my designs, maybe the sewing would just follow. I honed my skills in drawing, painting, typography, graphic art, and even more. I had pieces in a local art gallery twice, I was awarded a scholarship from the mayor of my town after submitting my portfolio, and I even was given a scholarship from the college I attended for my artwork. It was at that interview that an adviser in the art department recommended that I take fashion design courses as well. I said I was willing to do that. Ironically, I failed my apparel construction class, but I learned the most from it. When I decided school wasn’t for me, it made me even more hungry to learn about sewing.

At this point I already knew that I enjoyed the home sewing aspect of the sewing world more than the fashion design sector. I had discovered the “Love to Sew” podcast with Helen and Caroline, which in turn lead me to discovering the indie sewing community and modern sewing. I fell head over heels for it. The more I heard Helen (Helen’s Closet) and Caroline (Blackbird Fabrics) talk about their jobs, the more I wanted to do what they were. That is what I eventually what I would love for A Needle & A Stitch to be. I want to create a one spot “catch-all”, so to say, that was a source of inspiration, materials, and direction. Every time I think about it I get excited.

For now, A Needle & A Stitch is in the beginning phase of my plan… it is on its way to becoming a source of information. That’s what I’m hoping blogging will become for others who read my posts. In order to acquire the money that is needed to purchase things to move on to phase two and three, I am going to be selling pieces I’ve sewn. I don’t plan on doing this permanently, but I believe that for now I can do this and reach my ultimate goal. I am so happy that I am part of such a supportive community that is genuinely trying to make a change in the world through their creative practices. I hope to get to know y’all and share my projects and knowledge with you!